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Our full range of services are:


Eyebrow shading

Permanent eyeliner

Micro needling (collagen induction therapy)

Individual lash extensions

Volume lashes




Microblading is a semi-permanent, medical aesthetic form of tattooing for the eyebrows. After numbing the area, we use a manual tool to “draw” pigment into the skin, one hair stroke at a time, creating a fuller and darker eyebrow. The results can last up to 3 years, depending on lifestyle and skin condition

microblading (1).jpg

Eyebrow Shading

Eyebrow shading is a similar process to microblading, except, instead of individual hairs, we shade the eyebrow area for a more dramatic or natural look, depending on client preference. This is the option advised to clients with very oily skin, as microblading alone, will not last in their skin, as oily skins ‘lose’ pigment faster.

In both microblading and shading, a

6 week touch up is required after the initial procedure, and is charged separately

Eye brow Shading

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a permanent form of eyeliner, medical grade pigment is inserted into the skin with a permanent make up device, eliminating the need to line your eyes every day. We offer the “lash line enhancement” option which is a more natural look, and sits in and slightly above the lash line, as well as a standard line or shadow liner. A 6 week touch up is required, but the results are permanent. You may need a colour boost after a few years, as all permanent makeup does lighten with time.

Permanent Eyliner

Micro needling

Micro needling (collagen induction therapy). The deeper layers of the skin are gently treated using a pen-like device. A sterile cartridge containing micro needles, is inserted into the pen, and the device is slid over the skin in specific patterns, creating micro injuries in the skin. These micro injuries safely trigger the body’s self-healing response and the building of normal, healthy collagen, elastin and other structures, effectively replacing damaged tissue. The result is firmer, younger looking skin, and fading of scars and hyper pigmentation.

Is safe and highly effective for:

  • Both fine and deep lines and wrinkles

  • Scarring- including surgery, acne, burn and chicken pox scars

  • Enlarged pores

  • Lack of skin elasticity

  • Sun damage & age spots

  • Pigmentation issues

  • Stretchmark’s

Micro Needling


Individual lash extensions Is the application of individual lashes to extend the clients own lashes to create volume and length. One lash extension is placed on each of the clients lashes



Lash Extensions
volume lashes.png

Volume lashes

Volume lashes are for those wanting more drama, but with a softer, fluffier feel. Volume lashes is the application of a 3D fan onto each of the clients lashes. A 3D fan is made up of 3 lashes, joined at the base, but these are thinner and softer than the lashes used in individual lash extensions.

Volume Lashes

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation is a form of cosmetic pigmentation using a nano needle to implant “micro dots” of pigment into the scalp, creating the illusion of density, stubble and a restored hairline. Suitable for male and female pattern balding, alopecia, receding hairlines and to cover scars on the scalp

scalp pigmentation.jpg
Scalp Micro Pigmentation
Image by Raphael Lovaski


We offer 3 standard facials and a manfacial. They are:

Brightening: This helps with scars and uneven skin tone

Firming: Assists with fine lines and wrinkles

Deep cleanse: To cleanse the skin of impurities

Manfacial: one of the above facials, combined with a deep conditioning masque for the beard, and a head massage.


Gel Paint

Gel paint: A longer wearing and harder form of highly pigmented nail colour.

Image by Kris Atomic
Gel Paint
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