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"Yes... it's a fact that even if you had to pay us R1 a day to look this beautiful for the rest of your life you will be spending well over R100k because there's no price to put on your face freed from scars. You are only paying a very small amount to have permanent results. Its R900 per session.

 ....and Yes, the price is very affordable given, its all natural treatments without introducing your skin to chemicals or any non permanent solution. Micro-needling allows us to reactivate your own natural body mechanism to heal itself through micro injuries designed to remove the scars and spots from your face. 

The procedure is completely painless as we use a numbing cream to make sure you don't feel any pain during your procedure with our technicians.


For superior value and results, we recommend continues treatment up to 6 months. You will never look the same after that, if you follow our simple skincare routine we teach during your consultation.

So what are you waiting for, Book Now and let the transformation begin.

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Price ?

seriously..... for all that work....

 CAll or whatsapp
+27 82 846 8589

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