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Hello ladies, I'm Lola, Master Technician and Head Trainer at Nina Lola Studio, based in Durban. My journey into brow work dates back over a decade now. I have oily skin and always had bad brows growing up. I tried everything and everyone, including literally praying for them. I found out the hard way that most people don’t know what they are doing when it comes to creating the ideal brow shape on peoples faces. I'm a perfectionist and so this frustrated me to the point where I decided that I would just have to teach myself, and after years of practice and professional training, I finally have the blue print to water proof your beauty…YOUR SEARCH IS OVER LADIES. JUST CHECK OUT A SMALL TASTE OF OUR WORK….”

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"Don't worry, we get that a lot, below is an example of a client who required a correctional procedure after having her brows done elsewhere... Watch the video below"

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"Yes... it's a fact that even if you had to pay us R10 a day to look this beautiful for a year (365 days x R10 = R3650), you would be still paying R650 more than what we actually charge for a set of brows that last up to 3 years.


For superior value and results, we charge R 3000 with the Master Technician, and for above-average, excellent brows we charge R1950 with a Senior Technician.


The difference between the Master and Senior Technician is the amount of needle time and experience of the Master Technician. The Master Technician has personally trained each Senior Technician, specialises in brow corrections, male brows, and heads up all the training, research, and development into international patterns and industry trends.


NB: We all know how much we pay for makeup in a year, not to mention the cost of makeup over 3 years... " We don't rush our work to make money even though we could. We value quality over quantity and want to offer you an exclusive experience, that's why all bookings are STRICTLY IN ADVANCE, no walk-ins. We give you an exclusive 3-hour slot even though we can do it in 1 hour because your complete satisfaction is very important to us, and we understand it's your face and we refuse to do mediocre work on you... For us, it's not just another procedure, it's always a masterpiece. So book now and let the transformation begin.

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seriously..... for all that work....